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The MERX Procurement Training Program spans strategic and tactical subjects to help buyers and suppliers understand procurement fundamentals, learn new approaches to overcome challenges benefit from expert instruction and peer interaction, and learn the skills and techniques necessary to be successful within their organizations.

Program Advantages

With hundreds of billions of dollars in goods and services tendered through our global network of over 200,000 suppliers, MERX is Canada’s most widely used and most trusted electronic tendering solution.

MERX helps public sector organizations reduce traditional strategic sourcing costs all the while improving efficiencies and accountability to stakeholders. For the past 20 years, MERX has served as the most complete source of public and private sector contract opportunities available in Canada. MERX has leveled the playing field so that businesses of any size can have easy and affordable access to billions of dollars in contracting opportunities. As a strategic sourcing platform anchored by electronic tendering,

MERX is synonymous with open, fair and transparent and, as such, has become the preferred destination for suppliers looking to do business with the public sector in Canada. This unique national procurement experience enables MERX to model, develop and deliver a high impact procurement training program that directly influences the performance of practitioners and their organizations.

Key Program Features

The MERX Procurement Training Program includes 19 courses designed to help buyers and suppliers better manage sourcing, collaboration, and supply. Each interactive session is led by public procurement experts and includes practical examples, group discussion with subject matter experts and peers.

  • Flexible online delivery models
  • Available to private groups
  • Public Works centric examples
  • Public Procurement Expert
  • Strategic and tactical courses
  • Roundtable discussions

The MERX Procurement Training Program is delivered by public procurement experts Michael Asner and Eddy Jin.

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Michael Asner, Public Procurement Expert and Author

For 20+ years, Michael Asner has served as an advisor to public sector procurement professionals at all levels of government throughout Canada and the United States. Through his high impact workshops and consultative advice he has helped governments, auditors, procurement executives conduct successful request for proposals while avoiding the pitfalls that often impede these types of initiatives. Michael also provides expert public procurement advice and assistance to lawyers, senior public administrators and contract managers involved in contract disputes, litigation or potential litigation. He is often called as an expert witness for cases related to public procurement litigation. This substantial experience has earned him recognition as one of the preeminent thought leaders on public sector procurement in North America. Since 1995, Michael has shared this extensive body of knowledge in his book titled The Request For Proposal Handbook. More than 5000 government organizations and public agencies use The Request For Proposal Handbook as a best practices reference.

Eddy Jin, Principal, Eddy Jin & Associates

Eddy Jin, former Director of Procurement at the University of Toronto (UofT), has been building strategic transformation for the past 16 years using innovative business approaches. He has implemented leading‐edge legal formats such as the Negotiable RFP and led the development of UofT’s award winning eProcurement solution, UShop. These transformative inroads have influenced the dramatic changes taking place in public procurement and represent a paradigm shift in how the procurement function can deliver value to their institutions. He was recognized for his innovations in 2012 winning both the Leadership in Public Procurement Award from the Canadian Public Procurement Council and the National Quality and Productivity Award from the Canadian Association of University Business Officers. He has been invited to present seminars across a broad range of topics in procurement ranging from tendering, eProcurement, market intelligence, total cost of ownership to innovation procurement.

Our Pre-Recorded workshops

These workshops are recordings of previously held live-online sessions. They represent a convenient way to learn from anywhere and at your own pace. You receive 90 days and up to 20 viewing attempts to watch any pre-recorded workshop that you purchase and you gain direct access to the instructor to address any questions that you may have.

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