7 - Understanding Negotiated Requests for Proposals (NRFPs)

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Negotiable RFPs (NRFPs) provide an alternative to the ‘Contract A-B’ RFP approach for public sector organizations. Collaboration and negotiations with potential business partners are possible through this new model. This workshop provides the background and details of the NRFP model of procurement. Participants will learn how it works with a walk through of an actual document. We will explore how it is constructed and how it differs from the Contract A-B type of RFP. Additionally we will provide insights on what you need to implement the model in your organization.

Workshop Content
• History and case law on RFPs in Canada
• How the NRFP evolved
• Case Law and 5 Implied duties
• Understand the advantages and risks of Negotiable RFPs and Contract A-B models
• NRFP Formats
• Practical review of NRFP example
• How to align it to organizational goals
• Lessons learned from implementations across Canada
• Construction Case Studies
• How to Implement the NRFP model

• Eddy Jin

Who Should Attend

Staff or consultants, finance employees, clerks, legal staff, and public works, capital works, and engineering staff.