5 - Communication with your Clients

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Procurement stands at the intersection between providing value to the organization and aligning it to the client stakeholders who ultimately own and manage the budgets. Often, procurement is perceived as a policy enforcer rather than the advisory role it often delivers. This workshop will provide an understanding on how a ‘customer centric’ strategy will transform procurement from enforcers to advisors. Participants will learn why surveys and focus groups often do not work and why ‘storytelling’ gives more meaningful insights. Client needs are discussed and lead to an understanding on how procurement can create processes that support the client; rather than enforcing processes that don’t deliver value to clients. Finally, insights and strategies on how procurement’s value can be marketed will be demonstrated through case studies.

Workshop Content

  • How Proctor & Gamble and Apple focuses on the Customer (Client)
  • Why surveys and focus groups do not always work
  • What is a Customer Centric program
  • What is Storytelling
  • Understanding Client Needs
  • Prototyping and co-development with Clients
  • Measuring Client Satisfaction
  • Communication and Marketing to Clients


  • Eddy Jin

Who Should Attend

Municipal staff or consultants participating in procurement initiatives.

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