4 - Making sense of Trade Treaties and Agreements

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We may all know that NAFTA is a key trade agreement in Canada and that we are close to finalizing a European trade agreement (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – CETA). However, did you know that Canada has a total of 44 trade agreements. Additionally, we have interprovincial trade agreements (e.g. Ontario-Quebec Trade and Cooperation Agreement) as well. This workshop will identify the compliance challenges that government agencies (may) have against the myriad of trade treaties.

Workshop Content

  • Canada’s Trade Agreements
  • Provincial Trade Agreements
  • CETA Overview
  • Agreement on Internal Trade
  • Public Procurement
  • Impact on local governments
  • Regional Procurement


  • Eddy Jin

Who Should Attend

Municipal staff or consultants participating , municipal finance employees, municipal clerks, municipal legal staff, and public works, capital works, and engineering staff.